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Adobe photoshop? No need with

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Edit images in a fly.. Free Image Editor, Web Based.. :) Thank you!   

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How to edit Windows 8 hostfile

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Thanks to Britec for this video, I think it'll be easier if you watch the video tutorial link here: Enjoy!

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How to reset a Windows 8 password

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How To Reset a Windows 8 Password By Tim Fisher   Yes, you can reset your Windows 8 password. In fact, as long as you can closely follow the detailed instructions outlined below, it's not even that difficult..   READ MORE....

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How to code at the age of 6 or lower

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 Learn how to code, or show your students how to get started. 27,812,865 students have done the Hour of Code and written 1,093,418,440 lines of code. Bring it to your classroom. Try it now! click here---> 

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How to develop an app like angry birds

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How to develop an app like angry birds by Carter ThomasHow To Develop an App Like Angry Birds   There is no question that Angry Birds, the mobile app that has grossed over $500M and is stupidly addictive, has become a cultural phenomenon recently. Grown adults are obsessed with the game and ...

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Nine Tools for Building Your Own Mobile App

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  BY JEANNE HOPKINS AND JAMIE TURNER  As a small-business owner, if you decide there's good reason to develop your own mobile app, there are several ways to do it. Read more...

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99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier

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A must bookmark site (below) to make your life easier, and inexpensive. Thank you SFR!

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09.17.13 | Permalink | No Comments --- If you are not using Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, but wanting an email client for Windows like Outlook. Then, this powerful email client is the solution for you. It works like Outlook, but loved due to to it's simplicity and speed (free for non-commercial use) Give it a try ...

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NamesAreCheap provides domain registration and web hosting | NamesAreCheap was registered in March 3oth of 2000 by Ron Bautista -- Founder and CEO Ron's business started back in 1997 named RBconnect Computers; They do computer repairs, training, and sales. Later in 1998, the local newspaper published an article about him, and his ...

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MegaUpload Alternatives: 6 Sites Still Open for Business

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MegaUpload Alternatives: 6 Sites Still Open for Business By Jared Newman, PCWorld    Jan 24, 2012 10:20 AM The U.S. government's shutdown of MegaUpload might have seemed like bad news for online file sharing, but it could be a boon for other file sharing sites -- at least those that aren't afraid ...

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