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NamesAreCheap provides domain registration and web hosting | NamesAreCheap was registered in March 3oth of 2000 by Ron Bautista — Founder and CEO

Ron’s business started back in 1997 named RBconnect Computers; They do computer repairs, training, and sales. Later in 1998, the local newspaper published an article about him, and his business sales skyrocketed almost overnight growing from two employees to ten. Until sometime in 1999 when computer price declined, Ron knew that something had to be done. He immediately launched as a site to register domains, then list it for sale. Application form from Network Solutions was injected in to provide domain registrations to it’s growing users. During this time, users that are registering these domain names don’t really own it. They would simply register these domains and get an invoice from Network Solutions good for up to 75 days. That’s when NamesAreCheap is born, Ron decided to change the domain tonot sound like a cyber squatting site (He recalled  registering NamesArecheap in a summer of 2000 — while in a baby shower’s party)

Namesarecheap — besides domain registration, now also offers web hosting via shared, reseller, private label, dedicated servers, VPS, Parallels Virtual Containers using the award winning Plesk control panel. Namesarecheap is known for it’s high rated up time since 2000. NAC collocation centers in California are manned, supported, secured, monitored 24/7, 365 days a year; Now serving thousands of websites and corporate networks across the globe.

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